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We worked with TakePayments, one of the fastest growing card payments companies in the UK, to redesign and assist with their POS terminal app.


Solid metrics and simple aims

Using conversion metrics and churn, TP had come to the conclusion that their existing TP+ app was not creating an easy to use experience for customers. The app's users had simple aims: to receive card payments, view existing products and transactions, and to create reports. However these processes were more convoluted than they could be.


Simplifying user experience

We worked with TakePayments to understand exactly what about the app users were finding confusing and to simplify those processes with a contemporary design style. TakePayments are a well established brand in the card payments industry and they needed an app that reflected that.

One of the most important areas we focused on was the 'Quicktill' and 'Products' features, which allows businesses to take a payment without the need to setup products. Customers loved this feature in the old app, but rarely used its advanced features as they were tucked away in a complex UX. Now they are brought front and centre with a simple UI.


Onboarding, Onboarding, Onboarding

The most important part of the redesign process for TakePayments was to improve onboarding.

The onboarding process involved lots of communication with the customer via phone or email, in order to relay information such as their customer number, pas password etc. In close collaboration with the development team we devised a UX which would allow users to onboard themselves through the app with ease.

This reduced the user setup cost for TakePayments, but also improved user's own experience of the process.

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