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Swirly Steve

Tom started creating cement pots in lockdown (which ended up becoming "Swirly Steve"). He recently had an idea for an interactive experience after looking for a vector to showcase our 3D web experiences and so the 3D Steve was born! Check him out at: https://pet-pots.co.uk

Tom Emmerson
Owner - Carefully Coded

I really wanted to create something playful here. Swirly Steve has bags of of character so we wanted to get that across as much as possible. Personifying him at every possible occasion really makes him come across as super cute!


It all starts with a sketch!

The idea to showcase was formed quickly with a sketch. I love using sketches to show clients ideas quickly. From there we move into prototyping tools to give a more high resolution version of the idea and make any updates before building.

These initial designs were enough to provide a solid direction for the build (we use sketched and low res designs to get the basics right before moving into development or a more sophisticated design).


Keep it light, but dark.

Steve is instantly noticeable with this dark colour scheme. We loved the huge amount of contrast between Steve and the background. The lines on the ground give a sense that this is some sort of workshop and you're looking at a prototype Steve.


Adding all the rest!

Movement was so important for Steve. After the colours were honed we worked on making sure Steve's movement was right. If you look closely at the site, even when the mouse is stationary Steve is still moving just a little. This really makes him feel more alive!

The little twirl he does when you click him is the cherry on top!

Check him out at: https://pet-pots.co.uk

Steve on show!

We played around with some other colour schemes and ideas, but not all of them made the cut. Here are a few that didn't make it (and some that did).

image displaying websiteimage displaying websiteimage displaying websiteimage displaying website

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