Electric motors for boats

Inboard electric motor manufacturer

Josh, the owner of Suffolk based marine engineering company, Lightning Craft reached out to us to design and build a new website showcasing and selling their new electric motors for boats.

Josh Masters
Owner of Lightning Craft

From the first meeting to pressing the publish button, Carefully Coded were highly professional and concise in the web design process. They laid out each step, allowing feedback and discussion wherever needed. Attention to detail was on point and the artistic style with which they assembled the website was impressive! If you are looking for a contemporary yet practical service and product then this is the company for you.


Passionately electric

The first thing you'll notice about Lightning Craft when talking to Josh is their passion for the environment. They've created a product that can move customers away from diesel engines and towards a cleaner alternative, and they're proud of it.

It was important for Lightning Craft however to understate their environmental credentials, ensuring they were not 'greenwashing', but truly making a difference.

We really appreciated this direction and ensured we focused on the product and the real measurable actions they were making.



Minimal Modern

We worked with Lightning Craft to create a minimal and modern design that pulls focus to the product, but also shows off their existing builds and emphasises the strong brand already in place (with the addition of the orange colour which we introduced to create a strong accent colour for the brand).

Our bespoke web designs allow you to change any part of your website. If you can think it, we can build it!


Wordpress out, Sanity in.

We built websites using Sanity.

Sanity is a powerful CMS used by companies like Nike, Figma and SONOS. It allows collaborative editing has a modern interface and multi-user login with Google (so no more "admin" passwords!).

Sanity allows us to build websites faster and have them be more flexible and extensible than with other tools such as Wordpress.

We use an Agile development practice, delivering sections of the site at regular intervals. We met with Josh each week to discuss what had been built, to discuss any updates and accommodate any changes. All the time Lightning Craft could use the latest link to view the site.

See what we built

Take a look at the site at lightningcraft.co.uk

image displaying websiteimage displaying websiteimage displaying website

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