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Do web developers use Wix?

Discover if web developers rely on Wix for their projects. Understand the pros and cons of using Wix as a web development tool.

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The short answer is:

  • Possibly, if you're making a landing page or other common and simple website.
  • No, if you're making anything else, such as a Web Application

What is a Web App?


Not all web pages are created equal, and what you're building changes the tools you should use. Web apps are typically more complex and provide a service, websites usually just inform.

An easy way to decide if you're building a Web App or a Website is if you need a database:

Needs a database - It's a Web App

Doesn't need a database - It's a Website

Wix doesn't do Web Apps

Wix is often considered a great option for building websites, thanks to its user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and a wide range of templates. It provides an accessible platform for individuals and small businesses to create visually appealing websites with ease.

However, when it comes to developing web apps with complex functionality and interactivity, Wix has limitations. It may not provide the level of flexibility and customization required for building robust web applications.

Web apps often demand more advanced programming, database integration, and scalability options, which may not be readily available or easily customizable within the Wix platform. Therefore, while Wix is well-suited for websites, it may not be the ideal choice for developing intricate web apps.

This said, we rarely build websites using Wix. We instead create our own designs and build them using code, this allows your website to look however you want it to without limitations!

So how is a Web App built?

Despite the surge of No-Code tools to build apps, most web apps are still built by writing code due to the lack of flexibility described above.

We're experts at writing code to build applications, so much so that a well coded application isn't much more than the cost of a No-Code build - but without relying on a single provider like Wix.

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